Rafael Belchior

M.Sc. Information Systems and Computer Engineering

INESC-ID & Técnico Lisboa, Portugal

Email: rafael.belchior (at) tecnico (dot) ulisboa (dot) pt

Rafael concluded his M.Sc. at Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico Lisboa), gratefully advised by Prof. André Vasconcelos and Prof. Miguel Correia.

Researcher at INESC-ID and Ph.D. student at Técnico Lisboa, studying the intersection of blockchain interoperability and security. He participates at the Internet Engineering Task Force and Hyperledger Cactus, the most recent Hyperledger project dedicated to blockchain interoperability. Participates on Hyperledger as a summer mentor. Participated in the European projects Qualichain, and DE4A.

He worked at the Portuguese government, and Linux Foundation as a Blockchain Engineer. He is a lecturer at Técnico Lisboa since 2018 (Software Engineering, Artificial Inteligence).

Looking for collaborations on blockchain interoperability and self-sovereign identity research areas.