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Hello! A first post on why this blog exists.

Published on October 15, 2020 by

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Hello All,

This is my first post at my own corner of the internet.

Why writing?

I started writing some time ago: at a students’ group, GCE, I tried my luck at writing on what do companies need to do to write attractive job proposals. Back in 2017, we were receiving tons of job proposals that companies wanted us to share with our colleagues. Unfortunately, they were so bad that we always need to give the same recommendations: what is the salary range, why should the student be interested in working for the company, and so on. It just looked very difficult for companies to be transparent about money. They would hold on as much as possible. They did that a lot. Apparently, they still do.

At some point, when we had interested parties, we would send the article, and we would (often) get a decent job proposal that we forwarded to our colleagues. Win-win. Anyway, I’m already wandering. That was the first time I experienced the power of words. I would use words and, in return, people would make things easier for my future self. My past self had fun writing, my future self wouldn’t get bored to death by writing the same stuff over and over.

Why here?

Because it is my cozy corner.

What should I expect?

Better not to expect anything in particular, because we can get disappointed. But I can shed some light on some topics:

Typically, I write about technical topics, coming from different inspiration sources, including my Ph.D. studies. A Ph.D. is a funny thing to do, but let’s try to keep our sanity for now.

However, in this blog, I’ll take a personal approach, talking about other topics, such as Aldous Huxley, writing nonsense, what is fantastic about doing a Ph.D., half-marathons, and half-half marathons, traveling to Iceland, traveling to the groceries store from the neighborhood, and so on. Out of this seeming randomness, what I would really like is to share a bit of my soul. So expect me to wander and explore the various paths of my mind.

In conclusion, welcome. I hope you will be able to take something out of each article of mine, and I also expect to learn with you.